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Industrial 3D printing

Small / large series

30+ materials available



5+ Industrial Printers

What we offer!

We offer state-of-the-art solutions for the ever-increasing interest in modern product design - from prototype creation to industrial printing.


State-of-the-art printers

At PRINTING TIME, discover the future of 3D printing with our cutting-edge printers that guarantee precision, versatility and the highest quality in every project.

Tailored service

Tailored service in 3D printing: Your visions precisely implemented with individual advice, CAD modeling and advanced manufacturing technology.

High-quality materials

At PRINTING TIME we only use high-quality materials to ensure that every 3D printing project is created with outstanding quality and durability.

Experienced customer service

Experienced Customer Service: We provide expert advice and personalized support to ensure every project exceeds your expectations.

First-class materials


Fantastic service! PT PRINTING TIME e.U. exceeded our expectations. The quality of the 3D printing is outstanding and the advice was first class. We will definitely work with them again.

Lisa Rumpf

Product manager

Very impressed with the professionalism and quick implementation of our projects. The level of detail in 3D printing is impressive. A reliable partner for our industrial requirements.

Benedict Strauss

Designer Industrial

PT PRINTING TIME e.U. really impressed us with their customized 3D printing service. Particularly noteworthy is her ability to quickly understand and implement complex requirements. A big thank you to the entire team for their excellent work!

Tom Loose

Product designer, Drolo

Endless possibilities

our customers

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Mo Sunergy

100+ satisfied customers

24/7 Support

Professional CAD modeling

over 10,000 printing hours

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  • What exactly is PLA?
    Made from corn starch and is therefore biodegradable. Mostly used in prototyping areas. Good price/performance ratio Heat-resistant up to 55 degrees Celsius No chemical resistance Food safe
  • What level of precision can be achieved when producing my model using 3D printing?
    The accuracy of your model in 3D printing varies depending on the manufacturing process chosen, but is typically at a precision of +/- 0.2 mm
  • Are samples available to assess the quality of the material before printing?
    Yes, we offer corporate customers the opportunity to receive samples of our materials for quality testing before printing.
  • What specific advantages does your 3D printing service offer for industrial and corporate customers compared to standard solutions?
    Our 3D printing service offers industrial and corporate customers customized solutions that include higher precision, flexibility in material selection and the ability to quickly develop prototypes. We can also create complex designs that would not be possible using traditional manufacturing methods.
  • Can you meet individual material requirements specifically tailored to the needs of industrial customers?
    Yes, we are able to meet specific material requirements tailored to the unique needs of our industrial customers. Our wide range of processable materials enables us to offer the right material for every application.
  • How do you support corporate customers in the development and optimization of 3D printing projects, especially for complex or large-volume orders?
    We offer comprehensive support in the development and optimization of 3D printing projects. This includes professional advice in the conception phase, support with CAD modeling and technical expertise in selecting the optimal printing parameters for large-volume or technically demanding projects.
  • Do you offer special discounts or contract terms for corporate customers who regularly use 3D printing services?
    For corporate customers who regularly use our services, we offer special discounts and tailored contractual conditions. These are designed to promote a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.
  • How do you ensure compliance with industry standards and quality assurance for 3D printing jobs for corporate customers?
    Adhering to industry standards and ensuring the highest quality are of central importance to us. We use advanced quality control procedures and strictly adhere to relevant industry standards to ensure that all projects meet our high standards.
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